Privacy Sign How-To


As promised the instructions for my door sign. It reminds me of a Maypole so I call it My Merry Maypole Keep Out Sign. Also, we can not forget my muse for this project Sage, hence the Sage hues of the ribbon. Please send me pictures of your keep out signs and take a look at a few more I have gathered for inspiration.

Click Here to Watch My DIY Keep Out Video

Girls Only spotted on Family Go


Shhhh Sign Found on Sues Wink


Frenchy Sign Spotted on Whatcha Think


Flag Sign Found on Shine


Calk Board spotted on Khooll


Carry On found on Pinterest


Spooky Sign found on A Swell Place to Dwell


Too Funny found on The Stir


Sage Privacy Door Sign


One large curtain ring

A collection of ribbons

2-3 Jingle bells

Cardboard hanging plaque

Adhesive letters



Get Started:

1. Cut your ribbons  to varying lengths.

2. Fold your ribbon in half . Hold the fold of the ribbon on one side of the ring while wrapping around the  two ribbon tails and pulling them through the folded arch. Pull tight so that it hugs the ring. Secure it in place by tying a knot where the ribbon meets the ring.Repeat until you have tied ribbon around half of the ring.

3.Thread the bottom of one ribbon tail through the jingle bell and tie a double knot to secure.

4. Spell out your message on the cardboard plaque  using the adhesive letters.

5.Using another ribbon, tie on the sign by stringing it through the eye hook on the curtain ring.

Hint and Clues

-Keep in mind you want to attach the ribbons evenly on either side of the eye hook on the curtain ring.

-Be sure the ring you are using is big enough to fit over your door knob.

-Use a collection of thick and thin ribbons cut to varying lengths to create interest and movement.