katie brown tacos

Tweaking Taco Night and My Work Day

In my attempt to try to find a place for my video obsession in my work a day world, I thought, why not couple them with posts that can reinforce the subject and add some curated practical content? You know, kinda keep the conversation going? What do you think?

Click on this link to see my homemade day in the life video that inspired this  post.

Click Here for Taco Night video


Click on the photos to go to the recipes.


Black Beans Anyone?Found on Kitchy Kitchen


Found on the Crunchy Radish


With Pickles? Spotted on Lunch Box Brunch


LIME? Spotted on Aldi


Beer Braised? Spotted on The Beeroness


Vegetarian? Found on In Sock Monkey Slippers


All tossed up? Spotted on Last Nights Dinner.


Blue Chips? Spotted on Hugs and Cookies


And what a great way to serve up the all the fixins?