This Jurassic Plate Is Roaringly Good

In a never-ending desire to make the kids’ faces light up, here is a bright and funny way to serve them up some snacks.


  • Plastic dinosaur
  • Bamboo picnic plate
  • Spray paint for plastic


  • Utility knife
  • Hot glue


  1. Spray paint your dinosaur and let dry.
  2. Cut a hole with your utility knife in the center of your plate, just large enough for the dinosaur’s head to fit through.
  3. Spray paint your plate on both sides. Let dry.
  4. Fit the plate over the dinosaur’s head and push down to his shoulders so it fits snug.
  5. Use your hot glue to secure the plate to dinosaur and fill in any gaps.
  6. Touch up your paint with one more light coating of spray paint.


If you are serving something wet or oily, make sure to put a bit of wax paper down on your plate.


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