Furniture Facelift: Knobs, Pulls, Latches

One of the best and easiest parts of the Connecticut home renovation was choosing all the knobs, pulls and latches that decorated the furniture– they’re like the jewelry of a room!

It’s an inexpensive way to update furniture in any room. Don’t have the budget for all new kitchen cabinets? Change the knobs! Want a quick update for that old dresser? Switch out the drawer pulls! Just like bling, you really can’t go wrong picking out your knobs and pulls.

There are just a few considerations to mull over:
1.  How will you use your drawer or cabinet? A high traffic drawer might require a backplate, but a more occasional drawer could have an ornamental or glass knob.
2.  What’s the style of the room? Look at the other surfaces of furniture or appliances.
3.  How will it screw into the furniture? For drawer pulls, you’ll want to know the distance between the drill holes.

Once you have your answers, search online or in stores and choose your options accordingly.

Here are 2 examples of the range of options out there: for the kitchen we went modern and functional with metal pulls and knobs, but for Prentiss’ bathroom and closet, we went girly and delicate with glass knobs…

The most important part of choosing knobs and pulls? Mix it up! These are fun accessories that can personalize your space.

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