A Goulash Recipe for All

One of the joys of cooking is watching everyone smile and nod while making those “mmhmm” exclamations as they spoon more of your tasty meal into their mouths. We all know a meal is so good when the table is silent.

Kind of sounds impossible when 32 first cousins get together. Really, we can never all stop talking at the same time. There is so much back and forth it’s like a good tennis match.

But, within the first bites of my cousin Annie’s Goulash recipe you can hear crickets. And, sometimes even tree frogs.

With a Brown family gathering we have a lot of mouths to feed, stomachs to fill and tastebuds to dazzle and that is why we always make this simple dish of pasta-tomato goodness.

Goulash is many things, but it returns to our dinner table because it’s:

  • simple
  • delicious
  • filling

Yum. I’m thinking about dinner and can hear the silence already.

What dishes do you usually make for large groups or family affairs? Tell us below or on Facebook or Twitter, we’d love to hear and get inspiration for our next season.


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