Spring Fling: Cupboard Door Back-Up

After this Spring Fling intervention…

  • Never again will you search for a teaspoon.
  • Never again will you wonder where is a measuring cup.
  • Never again will you need to look up measuring conversions.

Because, when you see the following project you will see that there is no need to search through deep drawers to find the one measuring spoon that dropped off. Instead, you will find that the back of your cupboard door has your back.

Measuring Cup Hooks on the Back of a Cupboard Door!


What you’ll need…

Inside of kitchen cupboard door
Gaffers tape
Drill and bits
Matte board (any size that will fit on your cupboard)
8-screw-in hooks (depending on how many measuring cup/spoons you want to hang) *
4-Upholstery tacks
Printed labels with measurements

Get started…

  1. About halfway down the cupboard, align and measure the Gaffers tape in two rows to fit the width of your cupboard. One row is for the measuring cups and the row below is for the measuring spoons. Layout the cups and spoons to determine spacing.
  2. Draw in pencil, 8 dots where the screw-in hooks will go. Next drill in the 8 holes with a bit that is a little smaller than the screw-in hooks.
  3. Screw in hooks into each hole and hang cups and spoons facing inward on each hook.
  4. Print out a conversion chart and cut to the size of your matte board. Glue the conversion chart to the backside of the matte board.
  5. Align the matte board above the two rows of Gaffers tape. In pencil, draw where the chart will hang. Drill 4 holes for the upholstery tacks. Then replace matte board and securely tack in.
  6. Place the printed labels appropriately next to each measuring cup and spoon.

Feast Yours Eyes On This Conversion Chart

A Great Way to Conserve Precious Kitchen Space

Those Little Ones That Tend to Get Away Are Here to Stay!

* If you can’t bear to screw holes into your cupboard, adhesive hooks work great too!

We bet you can commiserate with us on how much time we spend digging through drawers, but we also bet that you can jump for joy with us on how this will solve that kitchen conundrum! What are some of your kitchen solutions?

We love hearing from each and everyone of you! Tell us on Facebook, Twitter, or by commenting below.

Happy Baking!

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