Spring Fling: Personalized Hooks

So, we’ve tapped into our obsession with bins and labels and shared how it has helped us stay organized. But, we are not stopping there, no sir. This organization train is at it’s next stop, hooks. It get’s better, we are talking personalizing everyone’s (or just the younger one’s) hooks!

It gets slightly more fun, because we personalize the hooks with pictures and a cork board where you can hang reminders or loving notes. In our experience, the younger kids love feeling a sense of ownership and will proudly hang their belongings on THEIR OWN hook. So, take a look at the hooks we made for Katie’s daughters.

Personalized Hooks for ALL!

So, when your family comes in from kicking the ball around outside and after they throw the ball in it’s properly labeled bin, they can hang their jackets on their very own hook. Yes, in an ideal world the scenario would happen just like this, we know. But, we also know from experience that if we put forth all our simple organizational tools in our repertoire then we are so many steps closer to a smooth daily routine and happy home. It works. We are here to spread the word.

What you’ll need…
  • 8×10-inch wooden frame
  • 4×6-inch wooden frame
  • 4×6 photo
  • (2) Double-pronged robe hooks with screws
  • Cork sheets
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Scissors
Get started…
  1. Screw in double-pronged hooks along the bottom of 8×10-inch frame.
  2. Cut cork to fit inside 8-10-inch frame. Secure frame backing.
  3. Place photo inside 4×6-inch frame. Hot glue bottom edge of 4×6-frame to top edge of 8×10-inch frame.

Meredith’s Very Own Hook.

The entryways and mudrooms all over are getting a little more organized. It’s baby steps. Embrace each issue and find a solution and the overwhelming feeling starts to fade as so does your clutter!

What mudroom or entryway solutions have worked for you and your family? Tell us by commenting below! As always, we love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

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