Simple Butterfly Project

Nothing makes me happier than seeing a butterfly fluttering around my garden. Where I live it’s still not be warm enough to see them outside, but who says you can’t bring ’em inside?

My Workshop staffer Erin and I made these Butterfly Bunches for a fun springtime project. Follow along with us in the clip below!

Butterfly Bunches

What you’ll need…
Fake butterflies
Floral wire
Floral tape
A few fresh flowers or greens
Garden snippers
Wire clippers

Get started…
1.  If the butterflies are not attached to floral wire, simply stick them on the ends of the wire. You may want to fasten with a dab of hot glue if necessary.
2.  Start with one or two flowers or greens in the center and work your way out. Cluster the butterflies around the flowers, but do not worry about arranging the wires until the last step. Just focus on an orderly center of floral wire and flowers.
3.  Wrap the wire and stems together with one floral wire.
4.  Cover the wire with floral tape
5.  Arrange the butterflies on the wires to make it look like they are fluttering about the bouquet.

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