Simple Flower & Candle Centerpiece

Today I’m featuring one of my favorite centerpieces- the attractive and easy-to-do Stalk Votive! When you’re looking for tabletop decor ideas, you often have to find a way to integrate candles and flowers into your tablescape. This tutorial will show you how to kill two birds with one stone…Watch how easy it is to upgrade votive candles from plain to pretty!

Stalk Votives

What you’ll need…
Leather lace
Fresh flowers with hearty stalks (Gerbera Daisies are a great option)
Safety pins
Pinking shear
Hole punch


Get started…
Leather Lace & Flower
1.  Cut approximately 1.5 feet of leather lace.
2.  Cut the ends of the leather lace on a diagonal.
3.  Put the leather lace through the hole on the bottom of the small safety pin.
4.  Wrap the leather lace around the votive.
5.  Attach a safety pin to the head of a sturdy flower.

Fabric & Flower
1.  Cut a piece of fabric that is approximately 3 inches wider than the votive.
2.  Wrap the fabric around the votive.
3.  Gather the extra fabric and, using a hole punch, create two holes.
4.  Use a flower with a hearty stalk and weave the stalk through the holes to secure the fabric.

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