Simple Succulents

On a recent trip to the flower shop I was drawn to the potted plant section, and then totally enamored by the succulents sitting in the corner. I was so attracted to the unique look of the plants’ juicy leaves…and succulents’ reputation for low maintenance scored bonus points with me! I brought home a cluster of dusty blue echeverias, and decided they would do quite well in my kitchen nook. In the cold months, succulents only need to be watered once a month and should be kept out of direct sunlight. That shouldn’t be a problem here in the wintry gray North East!

Succulents can make interesting centerpieces, too. For some super quick and simple tabletop decor, set a single plant on the base of a glass cloche. Enclosed in glass, it will capture the attention this cool little succulent deserves.

For more dimension, think inside the vase! Fill glass vases, jars or containers with a bit of water and float various flower blossoms inside. Place the vases down the center of your table for a beautiful living table runner.

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