Simple Pizza Pot Pie

One-pot meals seem to be a wintertime trend: I guess the thought of having a big pot steaming and simmering on a warm stove isn’t so appealing in muggy July! Now take this recipe for Pizza Pot Pie (via oh joy!)- it’s a one bowl recipe that I think would be perfect for a quick summer meal. I might not bring out the crockpot as much in June and July, but cooking dinner doesn’t have to be any more complicated than throwing the ingredients in a bowl, cooking, and eating!

Pizza Pot Pie

What you’ll need…
Pizza Dough (pre-made is fine!) and loose flour for kneading
Vegetables of your choice (mushrooms, shallots, olives, peppers, etc.)
Tomato sauce
Shredded mozzarella cheese
Optional: meat toppings

Get started…
1. Sauté shallots or onions, mushrooms, and any other vegetables you’d like in olive oil until cooked but not wilted.
2. Coat the bottom of an oven-safe bowl with olive oil. Alternate cheese, vegetables, sauce in the bowl.
3. Top the bowl with a flattened piece of pizza dough and let hang over the edge. Bake at 450 degrees for 15 minutes until dough is golden.
4. Invert the pizza onto a plate and enjoy!

Another great recipe that keeps it all-in-one is the Ham and Cheese Pocket. Kids eat them up!

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  1. Marcee
    Marcee says:

    Hi Katie ….

    Liken your blog! Great advice + tips for everyday livin.

    The pizza-pot-pie looks like a winner! Kids will love this. They can put in their own favs. Fantastic for company …. easy!

    In Chicago, there is a pizza place called PIZZA & OVEN-GRINDER RESTAURANT. Not sure if this is the complete name. They bake almost a look-alike (above) as yours!! For certain, one of the oldest (and smallest!) pizza parlors in Chi-town. Popular …. with those who know of it. Reservations are a must. This place has been in business at least 30+ years …. off and on. Hours are strange. Not open daily. From what I recall anyway.

    I am definitely going to prepare your recipe! 3-4 of these pot-pie pizzas for company dinner can fill everyone’s belly up!!! May be when the temps are a bit lower ….. HA! Too hot now.

    Ciao Katie …. enjoy summertime!


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