Simple Glass Jar Project

I’m always on the lookout for creative ways to reuse glass jars. It’s an easy thing to think about when you’re using, rinsing and recycling them all the time! A quick way to turn this little piece of trash into beautiful treasure is to use it as a bud vase. Sometimes a jar can stand alone in its unique shape or pretty color, but for most you’ll need to add a touch of creativity.

Let your jars bask in the sun! This window arrangement from Good Housekeeping is a cheerful and simple way to use your recyclables and bits of pastel ribbon.

For a springtime flourish, match a piece of ribbon to a bundle of flowering buds and find a sturdy curtain rod to hang your creations.

What you’ll need…
Glass jars (baby food or short mustard jars would work well for this project)
Ribbon in springtime colors and patterns (to wrap around the jar)
Ribbon in solid color (to hang jars from curtain rod)
Floral wire
Hot glue gun

Get started…
1.  Clean your glass jar. (Don’t worry about sticky residue from the label- you can cover it up with the ribbon!)
2.  Wrap a piece of the colorful ribbon around your jar twice and attach with a dot of hot glue.
3.  Wrap a strand of floral wire around the top of your jar twice and then loop upwards for the handle.
4.  Tie solid-colored ribbon through the wire handle and around a curtain rod at various heights.

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