Simple Framed Vase

In the approach to early spring, you’ve got to appreciate the little signs that sunnier times are ahead: an Easter aisle pops up at the pharmacy, your kids have started a countdown to Spring Break, you start seeing magazines covers advertising the latest “bikini” diets (are we really back to that again?!).

When you get a true blue sign from nature- a bud sprouts!- what better way to cherish it than to honor it with a frame? This easy project will spruce up a table, mantle or shelf with flower that make you smile. As you look forward to the daffodil, crocus, iris and tulip blooms of early spring, make sure you have some of these quick Framed Vases to keep at hand.

Framed Vases

What you’ll need…
Wooden picture frame, deep enough to stay upright without a stand
#6 Ceiling Screw (Make sure the screw part is pointy.)
Plastic floral beaker
Flowers Water

Get started…
1.  Remove glass and backing from frame and mark the appropriate placement for screws inside frame, taking into account how large your flowers are.
2.  Screw ceiling screws into frame.
3.  Just before the last half-turn, stop and place beaker in screw.
4.  Add water and flowers.

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