Grilling and Chilling This Memorial Day Weekend

What is more fun over a long weekend than firing up the grill? The smells, the flavors, and the flames are just a few of our favorite things. Each grilling season we here at the Workshop contemplate what type of menu we can create in full on the grill. This is what we came up with for this holiday weekend.  It’s a little savory with a  bit of spice accompanied by a  healthy dose of veggies on the side and something fresh for a sweet ending.

Grilled shrimp tacos. Spotted on: Real Simple.

Mango-avocado grilled fish tacos. Spotted on: Eat This, Not That.

Mexican-style grilled corn. Spotted on: Taste and Tell.

Grilled and glazed honey-balsamic carrots. Spotted on: Patio Daddio BBQ.

Grilled angel food cake with lemon curd. Spotted on: Panini Happy.

Grilled peaches with mascarpone whip. Spotted on: Good Life Eats.

Grilled pineapple with honey. Spotted on: Skinny Taste.

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