Simple Royal Wedding Party

As talk of the Royal Wedding swirls on the news and around town, I’m starting to get excited to see all the hats and old school British style. I’m reminded, of course, of Princess Di’s fabulous wedding and the hype building up to that date, as well. So much fuel for my daydreams about being a princess…

This time around, I’m going to pretend like I’m part of it all with a fun Royal Wedding Viewing Party. I don’t think I’ll be up all night, but I’ll definitely record the main event and celebrate Saturday afternoon.

A few simple ideas for festive decor with some easy Brit-inspired recipes and you’ve got yourself a soiree. Kate and William will be sorry they couldn’t make it!

Make a Royal Blue Velvet Cake fit for a queen!

Hang a potato-stamped British bunting of love…

Bake cupcakes and place in teacups for easy English elegance!

Send guests home with a slice of homemade shortbread in glassine bags closed with a sticker and bits of red and blue ribbon.

Print off some cupcake toppers, tea bag tags or paper crown place settings!

Do you have a fond memory of watching any Royal Weddings? Reminisce with a post here

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