Valentines Day Gift

In this season of love, roses and carnations get all the glory. Those flowerless plants out there can make great gifts, too!

How about this adorable Clothespin Planter from the super creative Camilla Fabbri over at Family Chic? With a recycled can, clothespins, and a handful of grass seed, you can have gifts for all the loved ones in your life…or favors at a Valentine’s Day party…or a beautiful Valentine’s Day centerpiece…you choose.

Photo by: Camilla Fabbri

To make these adorable Valentines Day plant gifts, you’ll need a small 5-oz can (think: tuna can), clothespins, construction paper, and a small plant or soil and grass seed.

Simply clip the the clothespins around the recycled can, then cut out hearts and stick them in between. You could even personalize this project by cutting up a photo of your loved one to stick in between the paper hearts. Fill the tin with soil and plant your grass seed.

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