Mother's Day Cupcake Bouquet

We can not help ourselves …..We love cupcakes ….Small little handfuls of goodness…..

That is right we have used them once again. However, this time we are bundling them and planting them in a pot of yumminess. Save time by baking up some simple box cupcakes. Next, frost the tops and place a dowel through the bottom. Then put some oasis or Styrofoam in a clay pot. Arrange your cupcakes in the pot by pushing  the dowels through the foam. Lastly, pop in bright green ribbons tied in bows that are wrapped  on wooden skewers.

A quick and easy bouquet of cupcakes! Spotted on: Yummy Tasty Recipes.

For a note, how about making a simple banner made up of cards containing the words that describe the mother in your life?

A banner way to tell mom how much you admire her. Spotted on: Country Chic Cottage.

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