Feather Your Mother’s Nest

Every mother loves to receive something homemade from their kids no matter how old the child. However, as the years go by all big kids must find new ways (other than Popsicle sticks) to express themselves. We here at the workshop find that if you start with something store bought the job is simplified. So, please review the DIY pillows we have rounded up.

The more imperfect the pattern the more unique! Spotted On: Hello Little One

Draw a tree and instead of branches write out your family members name. Spotted On: Modern Home Modern Baby 

Use a stencil to write a favorite expression. Spotted On: Dear Lille

Use old sweaters for a soft, recycled pillow. Spotted On: Brassy Apple

Wrap with a big beautiful ribbon. Spotted On: Le Blog d’Alexou

Create loops or scribble a doodle. Spotted On: The Purl Bee

Use felt to add a different texture. Spotted On: Woman’s Day. Photo by: Paul Whicheloe

A button here, a ribbon there, or a painted stripe is just what any pillow needs to be the perfect gift that will feather any mother’s nest!

What are your favorite ways to personalize your pillows? Tell us by commenting below! We love to hear your ideas.

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