Simple Peach Recipes

Did you celebrate the summer solstice? Did you catch some fireflies, let the sprinklers hit you on your walk to the car, feel sticky and sweaty the whole day? Yep, summer has arrived. And with it, lucky for us, come the juiciest sweetest fruits of the year. It’s peach season! Enjoy them while they’re here, whether it’s in your breakfast, your dinner or your dessert.

Pop sliced peaches on the grill and serve with greens and haloumi cheese.

Make a sweet thing even sweeter: Peach Cobbler Bars

You can even drink them with this Peach and Ginger Milkshake recipe!

Make ’em spicy with a Peach and Tomato Gazpacho.

And finally, save the flavor for the fall and winter with easy Peach Jam.

How do you enjoy the summer peach? I’m listening…here!

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