Simple Nightstand Makeover

Like any DIY fanatic, I go crazy for new products in the craft store. When I discovered bark covered wire, I couldn’t find a project where it wouldn’t look just perfect! Chalkboard paint has been on my radar for years, but I am now coming across chalkboard adhesive paper, which I think is a cool new twist.

Last weekend, my daughter Prentiss and I embarked on a crafty journey in chalkboard adhesive- we covered the inside of a large antique frame so she could have a giant chalkboard in her bedroom. So stylish and fun…just like this chalkboard nightstand idea (via Funky Time). What a great space to write a wake-up note, a friendly reminder or a list of chores…

You could also cut out a circle of faux grass tiles (also with an adhesive backing) and set up a grassy oasis for a whole crew of toy animals…

What craft products do you just love? Tell me about them here!

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