Purple Birthday Party Ideas

Today is a very special day: my little Meredith turns 3. We are going to have some pre-school friends over to celebrate and we decided to go with a theme Meredith herself suggested…purple!

We’re keeping it simple with a few fun activities and a very special birthday cake. I want to show you my inspiration here…but remember that all will be coated in many shades of Meredy Moo’s favorite hue!

A Number 3 Birthday Cake with Purple Candies, Photo by: Laney @CrashTestMummy

Bunch of Grapes Balloon Pop Game, Via: Martha Stewart Living

Party Favor: Purple Ribbon Wands, Photo by: Danyelle @dandee-designs

Does turning 3 automatically mean we’re out of the Terrible Twos? Based on the smiles on Meredith today…I think so!

What’s the most unique kids party you’ve been to or hosted yourself? I love to hear your ideas!

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  1. staci @ lizard & ladybug
    staci @ lizard & ladybug says:

    Happy Birthday to your little lady!! Purple is one of my favorite colors & a great choice for a party 🙂

    One of my favorite parties I’ve hosted was a Pirates & Polka Dots party for my son & daughter (both with May birthdays). So fun to combine the two these & the kids had a blast!

  2. Laura @ Family Spice
    Laura @ Family Spice says:

    Aaahh! Happy Birthday! My daughter is into pink, so we’ve always done pink-themed parties! You should make some purple punch, too: 6oz pineapple juice, 4 oz pomegranate juice. Totally yummy. Turns purple. Add some 7up for fizz if you want.

    When I had my first boy and he was horrible at 3, my pediatrician told me, “I think the 3’s are worse than the 2’s!” hee! hee! Good luck!


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