Simply Stuck Inside

With the long weekend ahead (Happy MLK Jr. Day, everyone!), it’s always smart to have a few backup plans to combat winter doldrums…especially when bad weather might keep us all inside. Can you say cabin fever?

Anyone with kids knows how they can jump from activity to activity, all the while expressing the dreaded “I’m boreddd.” Well this weekend I’m planning ahead with some go-to indoor activities. No more moping kids!

Here’s what’s at the top of my list…

1. Make a fort! Or, if you have a tent, pitch it indoors. Give in to the idea of “no cushion left unturned” and gather up whatever’s inside your linen closet. Dream away!

2.  Decorate a window with paper snowflakes…so simple and so pretty.

3.  Create an edible snowman village with marshmallows. Speaking of marshmallows…might as well make some  hot chocolate, too!

(From left to right: Oreo Snowman, Skiing Snowman, Hershey Kiss Hat)

Kiss those winter blues goodbye!

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  1. shirley taylor
    shirley taylor says:

    I don’t even have small children and I might just try the window snowflakes…looks so pretty!!Cause….baby it’s cold outside here in Oklahoma!!


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