More and More S'mores

When we think of a “summer bonfire”….

Photo by: Thinkstock on Getty Images.


Most of us think of S’mores.


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Much debate goes on about how to perfectly roast the star ingredient: a marshmallow.  Some like it golden brown, while others prefer it more char broiled.


Photo by: Amber Kullerr.


Just like the debate that grows year after year, so too does the evolution of the classic S’more. Take a look at these various gooey incarnations and tell us your favorite way to enjoy this fluffy delight.


Marshmallow krispie brownies. Spotted on: Yammie's Noshery.

Toasted marshmallow milk shake. Spotted on: Joy the Baker.

S'mores on a stick - marshmallow pops! Spotted on: White on Rice Couple.

Chocolate marshmallow cookies. Spotted on: No Biggie.

Chocolate peanut butter s'mores. Spotted on: Sunset.

S'more small bites. Spotted on: Cooking Classy.

S'mores cake in a jar. Spotted on: How Sweet It Is.

S'mores martini. Spotted on: Dying for Chocolate.