Wild Thing…I Think I Love You!

The top ten reasons why we love wildflowers…


1. They are subtle.


Spotted on: Lovely Little Things. Photo By: Mary Ruffle.


2. They are simple.


Spotted on: Decor 8. Photo by: Karin Björkquist.


3. They are honest.


Spotted on: Frolic! Photo by: Chelsea Fuss.


4. They are diverse.

Spotted on: Around My Table. Photo by: Wohnidee.


5. They are plentiful.


Spotted on: Lolalina. Photo by: The Nichols.


6. They are humble.


Spotted on: Wedding Star. Photo by: May Race.


7. They are free.


Spotted on: Tiny White Daisies. Photo by: Ubercuteness on tumblr.


8. They are whimsical.


Spotted on: The Sweetest Occasion. Photo by: Flutter Glass Photography.


9. They are easy.


Spotted on: The Old Painted Cottage. Photo by: Becky C.


10. They are perfect.


Spotted on: Flower Design Events. Photo by: Pete Lucas.


So how about collecting a handful today?