Projects with Tape

One of my most favorite tools in my craft arsenal is colorful tape. I’ll go for any variety: vinyl, Washi, masking, athletic, gaffer’s, Duct– give me a bright color or pattern and I’m in. When you start investigating how others have used tape creatively, you’ll start to see canvases everywhere you look.

Click on the photos below to see how these crafters turn an everyday object into something totally unique and fun.

Creative Gift Wrap on Kraft Paper, Photo by: Polly Eltes @TeaForJoy

DIY Canvas Art with Spray Paint, Photo by: Michelle @TenJune

A taped door with a fun geometric pattern, Photo by: Ne Na @Likainen Parketti

Plain White Vases with Bright Tape Stripes, Via: @AllWashiTape

Dress up a plain journal, scrapbook or photo album for an easy gift idea. Via: @HappyTape

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