Recycled Bottle Centerpiece Projects

I don’t know about you, but one of the toughest things to get straight in my house is the recycling rules. It’s one of the tasks that I so want to get right, but the various rules and regulations for each town I’ve lived in have been so different that it’s hard to keep straight which number plastics are acceptable and what the right color trash bag is. But my family and I are trying! We’ve labeled our bins and are working on making recycling a good habit.

When I catch a peek at the glass recycling bin, I’m reminded how the simplest every day object can be the base for a beautiful project for your tabletop. Glass bottles come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and with a few crafty steps they can be turned into stunning centerpieces. Here are some of my current inspirations…

A grouping of 9 clear bottles tied with twine. Via Country Living.

Wrap medium-gauge copper, brass and silver wire around glass bottles, fill with sand and stick in a simple branch. Photo by: Images by Lori

Use a stencil and gold all-surface paint to turn a brown bottle into an autumn themed vase. Wrap neutral-colored string around the lip of the jar and fill with eucalyptus pods, as shown here. Photo by: Carolyn @ Homework

Use puffy paint to create texture on plain glass vases and recyclables. Then spray paint the surfaces white to create beautiful vases that look just like expensive ceramics! Photo by: Erica Domesek

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