Simple Lavender Recipes

Today I am inspired by the beauty and usability of lavender! It’s an herb that does well when planted right about now- in late spring or early summer. While you can always add it to your outside garden, you can also grow it in a container on a window sill or porch (in good, full sunlight). Lavender will bloom throughout the summer and if you clip the blooms, the plant will continue to show those purple flowers and breathe its light sweet fragrance into the air.

Go ahead and dry the clippings by tying them in a bundle at their base and hanging them upside-down in a dark area. Or, use the lavender you’ve cut right away in all sorts of dishes. Here, I’ve collected a smattering of sweet recipes that are made all the more sweeter by this great herb. Click each pretty photo for the recipe…

Lavender Honey Cheesecake- how beautiful!

Lavender Dark Chocolate Tart

Lavender Tea Cakes

Lemon Lavender Pound Cake (with Honey Lemon Whipped Cream)

Fields of Lavender Cupcakes

Are you starting to see why I love lavender? Get more tips for growing and using lavender from the experts at Bonnie Plants!

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  1. suzanne wessels
    suzanne wessels says:

    I have so enjoyed your recipes. Your 3 bean salad recipe is excellent. Your lavender
    recipes are great. I too love lavender.

    suzanne w.


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