Simple Party Food

It’s the bane of every party planner’s existence… You spend tons of time preparing the food and then all your guests are too shy to eat! Well, why not make the food more portable by adding “on-a-stick” to the end of your favorite recipe. It’s the closest thing to having your food sprout legs and walk onto the guests’ plates.

While I love a good fruit skewer platter for party food, I came across this fun Cheesecake on a Stick recipe and was inspired! I just had to keep digging around to find some fun ways to mobilize other yummy food for entertaining…

Ricotta Cheesecake and Fruit Lollipops with Chocolate Dipping Sauce

Chocolate Chip Banana Cake Pops

Caprese Crostini Skewers

Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches on a Stick

Frozen Fruitsticks with Chocolate and Pistachio

With all the outdoor entertaining you might be doing in the next few months (graduation parties, Father’s Day grill-outs, summer picnics), you just might want to try your own take of the “on-a-stick” trend!

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  1. Christine
    Christine says:

    I am so happy I have found you again! I ran across the “Next Door” series on Lifetime, and now my DVR is now set to record all even though they are older, still fabulous! Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing all your new ideas!


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