Simple Graduation Party Centerpieces

With graduation parties on the horizon, I started thinking about decorating a table with a scholar’s favorite accessory…books! It’s a fun way to tie in the theme of your party to the decor. You can pick books that are the school colors of the grad, or add numbers and letters with stickers to spell out a message down your table. Mix in a few flower stems and subtle candles and you’ve got yourself a table with honors!

Have you thrown a big grad party? Did you think of any creative decor tips? Would love to hear…

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  1. How to plan a party
    How to plan a party says:

    Decorations should also be planned based on the theme of the party. They should go with the occasion. Prepare the bathrooms also to make sure you have enough soap, paper towels, paper, etc . Mix and mingle with everyone and make new friends. It’ll be an occasion no person will forget.
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