Beach Reflections Frames

Bring a little bit of beach into your home all year round with this simple and decorative project. Here at the workshop we created a fun and fast way to bring the beach to any home with the beach reflections picture frame. Take sand from beaches near and far that you have collected to create a decorative, lasting memory. Have some fun and follow these simple directions to bring memories that turn into art to your home. With only a few steps your house can become a memory of your families greatest beachside moments!!

Beach Reflection




Spray adhesive


Window Mate


1. Remove the glass from a picture frame and afflix sand from a favorite vaction spot to the frame panel with spray adhesive.

2. Let dry and shake off the excess sand.

3.Write the name of the vacation spot on the matboard. Replace the glass cover.

4. Do this for as many vacation locales as you like.

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