Holiday Table Runner Project

You don’t have to wait until the night before Christmas to set a beautiful holiday tabletop. When you divvy up the holiday prep throughout the month, you will feel confident and ready to take on the day-of festivities stress-free. And it’s a cinch to make your tabletop shine with good cheer! This no-sew pinecone table runner project is a quick and easy way to keep your kitchen or dining room seasonal and spirited.

Pinecone Runner

What you’ll need…
Green fabric
Stitch Witchery
Floral wire
Green wire-edge ribbon
Four pinecones
Glue gun

Get started…
1.  Measure your tabletop.
2.  Cut the fabric 18 inches wide and 3 feet longer than the tabletop.
3.  Lay the fabric facedown.
4.  Fold both long sides in one inch. Insert Stitch Witchery into the fold and iron the fabric to create a hem.
5.  Cut each end into two points. Fold the exposed edges in, insert Stitch Witchery, and iron to create a hem.
6.  Wrap 3-4 inches of the wire around the large end of a pinecone, leaving a few inches to come out the end. With the top few inches of the wire, poke a hole in a fabric point and fold back wire, creating a hook to attache pinecone to fabric.
7.  With the ribbon, tie a bow where the pinecone meets the fabric. Repeat on the other points of the runner.

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