Simple Hard Boiled Egg Recipes

As the excitement of the Easter holiday wears off (and the chocolate and jelly bean binge becomes a distant memory) I’m ready to put away my holiday decor and put to use my hard boiled eggs. I think it’s delicious to simply peel and eat the tasty bites of protein with a dash of salt and pepper and I’d also like to try the hard boiled egg recipes below.

Did you know you can make chocolate chip cookies with a hard boiled egg? What a great way to have kids help with the baking, without the cracked egg spills!

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a classic Egg Salad Sandwich.

Delicious Deviled Eggs…the perfect recipe to repurpose your dyed Easter eggs.

Spinach Salad with bacon, blue cheese and hard boiled eggs

Mini Pork Meat Loaf with hard boiled eggs

Thick and fluffly Chocolate Chip Cookies made with a hard boiled egg!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday. Fill me in on your tips for getting a perfect hard boiled egg here

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