Simple Spring Place Setting

We’ve looked at Easter centerpieces, decor and recipes, but what about the actual place setting? I’ve got just the inspiration you’ll need to make a simple and beautiful table for you and your holiday guests. The great thing is, you can adapt the placemat in this place setting for a meal any time of year- just pick the right flower!

Spring Place Setting

What you’ll need…
Cork squares (large enough to fit a plate and silverware)
Flowers (roses used here)
Natural paper, (available at any craft store in the scrapbooking section-yellow used here)
White paper
Circular paper punch
Hole punch
Hard boiled egg
Hot glue gun and glue
Floral clippers

Get started…
1.  Clip off the stem of your flowers. Hot glue the cut stem to the top left corner of your cork square.
2.  Place your plate on top of the cork. Crinkle the natural paper to make a bed for the raffia nest.
3.  Take several strands of raffia and make a loop to look like a bird’s nest.
4.  Punch our a circle with the white paper and write your guest’s name. Hole punch the top of the circle and sting through a piece of raffia.
5.  Place the hard boiled egg in the center of your nest.

You can follow along with me as I make the cork placemats here! Such fun…

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