Simple Earth Day Project

Have you thought about Earth Day yet? (It’s tomorrow!) It’s a day to remember to smell the roses and turn off the lights, and it’s also a great excuse to try some new recycled or enviro-craft ideas.

Here’s one that’s got me smiling…mud stencils! Create your own design with a celebratory message about your earth love, mix up a batch of good ol’ mud, and find a nice surface outdoors for your environmentally friendly graffiti. Get growing!

What you’ll need…

Translucent heavy duty plastic tab dividers (available at office supply stores…or repurpose some you might have already used)
X-acto knife or box cutter
Print-out or drawing of of your design on plain paper
Kitchen sponge
Mud (a little dirt + a little water)
Container for mud (look through your recyclables for this one)
Permanent marker

Get started…
1.  Place your print-out or drawing under the translucent plastic divider. Trace image onto plastic with a permanent marker.
2. Using your X-acto knife or box cutter (make sure you have a cutting mat underneath to protect your surface), cut out the image to make your stencil.
3.  Mix up mud in the container. Dip the sponge in your mud.
4.  Place your stencil on the sidewalk, driveway, stoop steps, or stone wall, and dab the sponge in the empty spaces of your stencil. Pull stencil away to reveal your street art!
Hint: To get the crispest stenciled image, keep a clean wet cloth on hand to wipe away any excess mud on your stencil.

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