Win Holiday Organizing Help from Katie Brown!

Too many traditions to keep track of? Having the in-laws over, but don’t know what to serve? Need help decorating your home on a budget?

Let us know your family’s biggest holiday challenge by submitting a 150-word entry to Family Circle. If you win, I’ll come over and help you sort out your domestic dilemma! Your last day to enter is tomorrow, so get those entries submitted here

What’s your family’s biggest challenge during the busy holidays?
Tell us your story (in 150 words or less) and enter to win help with organization, relaxing and party planning at your home with me, Katie Brown! Courtesy of Family Circle and Curél. Entries must be submitted by 11/29.

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  1. Maureen
    Maureen says:

    My family’s biggest challenge is just getting together. I have a large family and we are spread out all over the world. I am one of 7 siblings and there are children involved (one with special needs). The other issue with the holidays is that who will hold the festivities at what location and if it is a gathering who will bring what.

  2. Heather
    Heather says:

    I was completely surprised and thrilled to have been selected as a ‘finalist’ for this contest! I was so nervous during my phone interview on Friday – but it was an exciting experience. I wish I’d remembered my mantle before the interview ended – it’s always such a pain to decorate. You certainly would have some ideas for our orange brick rustic 70’s fireplace. Sadly, I am not the winner of all that wonderful Curel lotion and having you come to our home to help us prepare for Christmas. I’m a little sad for me, but I hope you have a great time with the winner and that you bless her home and family with your creative talents! I took 3 of your books out at the library and am gleaning recipes and ideas from them. So much fun!


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