Thanksgiving Napkin Ring Project

Thanksgiving has been at the front of my mind for the past week and I think I’ve set a good pace for my prep. I’ve made my shopping lists and brought out the dishes, pots and pans that are stored in those stand-on-a-chair-and-reach kinda kitchen cabinets.

I’ve been collecting inspiration for the recipes that we’ll have and my next step is to do a little table decor! These Twists of Bounty napkin rings are that great blend of nature and simplicity. Plain white cloth napkins are given a boost with the fall colors of the mini corn and preserved orange slices. I know I’ll be happy to have this step out of the way come next Thursday…

Twists of Bounty

What you’ll need…
Small dried Indian corn
Copper wire
Preserved orange slices
Wire cutters
Needle-nose pliers

Get started…
1.  Fold a napkin into the shape you would like to wrap.
2.  Place the Indian corn on top of the napkin and secure it by wrapping it with copper wire.
3.  Wrap the wire around the napkin several times making sure that the ends meet on top of the corn, leaving two 5-inch wire tails.
4.  Place the preserved orange on top of the corn and string the copper wire through both sides of the orange.
5.  Twist together with needle-nose pliers and cut off any excess wire.

Don’t pull the wire too tightly around the napkin– you won’t be able to pull the napkin out!

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