Simple Fabric Wall Decor

Around this time of year, I start craving color. It’s still pretty dull outside and I’m just waiting for that green grass to poke through the layer of slush. Well, what I can’t get from nature I guess I’ll have to do myself!

An easy way to add a bold stroke of color without painting an entire room is to make a few of these Fabric Hoops. Although you’ll need embroidery hoops and fabric, this is a no-sew project. It’s also a great way to use scraps of fabric you might have around your house. Pick a bright swatch for me!

Hoop It Up!

What you’ll need…
Fabric scissors
Embroidery hoops in various sizes
Various patterned fabrics
Large-head nails

Get started…
1.  Lay a hoop on top of the part of the fabric that you want to show off.
2.  Cut the fabric around the hoop about 1/2 inch wider than the embroidery circle.
3.  Separate the two sides of the embroidery hoop and secure the fabric in the center, pulling it tight enough to keep the fabric from bowing in the middle.
4.  Glue the edge of the fabric to the inside of the inner hoop.
5.  Hammer a nail into your wall and hang the hoop on it.

Hint: Working in multiples is a great design technique, so for this project we suggest you do a grouping of several hoops on one wall.

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