Candy Corn Decor Projects

They’re made from pure sugar, could take out a filling, and are sickly sweet…but I can’t help but love candy corn! Seeing it on sale at the grocery store is one of the first hints that Halloween is near. I only need a handful to satisfy my yearly quota…but the rest of the bag will not be wasted. Here are 5 decorating ideas inspired by candy corn.

Spray paint cone-shaped pumpkins to look like candy corn treats. Photo by: Better Homes & Gardens

Fill mason jars with extra candy corn and a pillar candle .Then set multiple jars in a wire drink caddy. Photo by: Matthew Benson

Take a 1-gallon yellow and stick orange and white electrical tape around the base for a fun trick-or-treating bucket. Photo by: Lowe’s

Turn glass bottles and inexpensive vases into awesome Halloween decor with orange, white and yellow spray paint. Photo by: Alexa @TheSwellLife

Wrap candy corn-colored yarn around cylindrical styrofoam cones. Secure with hot glue. Add a white button at the top for a clean finish. Photo by: Sadie Bee Designs

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