Quick Kitchen Solutions

Don’t you just love when you come across simple solutions for little problems that have always bugged you? It’s even better when the solutions use everyday materials and are quick to implement. Today, I bring you 4 quick and easy solutions for storage, accessibility, cleaning and organization in the kitchen. Aren’t they clever?

Cans causing a disaster in your cabinets? Stack them in a magazine holder. Photo by: Pamela Stephens

Reuse the tops of empty salt containers with pour lids to make sugar and non-dairy creamer pouring easier! Photo by: Litter Gitter @ThriftyFun

Make your disposal fresh again by crunching up vinegar ice cubes. Photo by: Antonis Achilleo

Revamp a coffee tin to make plastic bag storage easy and accessible. Great for dog-walkers! Photo by: Bonnie @Creating A House of Grace

The Katie Brown Blog wants to share more everyday solutions with everyone! Do you have a great tip you’d like to share?

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