Easy DIY Holiday Crafts

I NEED each and every one of you to PLEASE click on the link below and take a look at my appearance on  Ali Wentworth’s show The Daily Shot. She is one of my VERY best friends. But, here is the thing ,she thinks she is a better crafter then me! We compete to death often to see who can handle the glue gun better. So, I was hoping to blow her away by the number of views and comments I got on the day that I showed off my DIY Holiday Crafts on her show. So will you help me out? I would be so grateful. I will owe you BIG if you take the time to do me this favor. Thanks a TON ….Katie

Click this link PLEASE  http://shine.yahoo.com/dailyshot/easy-diy-holiday-gifts-155305318.html

Me and MY BEST girl Ali Wentworth!