Simple Etched Glass Project

Don’t you love when you see something in a store and think, “Hey! I can make that.” Although you have to carve out the time in your schedule to gather supplies and see the project from start to finish, it’s well worth the effort to have a finished piece that is close to what you almost bought off the shelf. That sense of accomplishment is the ultimate boost!

Instead of buying stock candle holders during your next shopping trip, make a few of these Etched Glass Globe Candle Holders to add a soft glow to an outdoor or indoor living area.

Etched Glass Globe Candle Holder

What you’ll need…
Etching cream
Glass fishbowl vases
Painter’s tape, 1 inch wide
Rubber gloves
Pillar candle
Paper to protect your surface

Get started…
1. Using painter’s tape, stripe your fishbowl vase.
2. Apply etching cream on the clean glass, following instructions on etching cream bottle.
3. Rinse completely and remove tape.
4. Always be sure to wear gloves when using etching cream and protect your work surface with newspaper.
5. Fill with sand and pillar candle.

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