Simple Winter Flower Arrangement

I have to sheepishly admit that it took my until today to take down my Christmas lights. I’m just wondering how it got to be the end of January already! I still have cookie tins from the holidays stacked on my counter…

But it might be just as well that I haven’t done the post-holiday sweep yet. I found this photo of a beautiful winter flower arrangement that uses a cookie tin as its base. (You could also cover a coffee can covered with pretty paper!) The flowers say “winter” without looking holiday.

Here are some tips for arranging a simple winter centerpiece that’s just as special:

  • Think beyond the vase: use glass cups or bottles, coffee tins, jars…
  • Vary the height! Mix taller stems with simple short buds.
  • Stick to a monochromatic color palette overall and then add bright pops of color.
  • Mix it up with flowering plants, berries, twigs, greens, etc.
  • But don’t overdo it!  Keep it to 3-5 different flowers for a single arrangement.
  • Use what’s around you. Trim small branches from a tree and mix in flowers from your grocery store. It doesn’t have to be expensive to look pretty and make you smile!

Weigh in on the best winter flowers here!

Alright, now it’s really time to put away all traces of Christmas…

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  1. Laura
    Laura says:

    Hey Katie,
    I still have my tree up. I know , I know it’s time to take it down, but I just can’t yet. ( I love looking at it) I did put away everything else so i’m not that crazy. I love the simple flower arrangement. Flowers just make me happy!
    Ps thanks for the recycling labels. Love the second ones.


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