Simple Grilled Kebabs

One of the great things about going to cookouts and potlucks is seeing what everyone brings to the party. At a 4th of July barbecue last weekend one of the guests brought a fun appetizer: tortellini, prosciutto, mozzarella and hot peppers on a skewer. Amidst the chips, dips, and cheeses, the starburst of tortellini kebabs looked enticing. It got me thinking about all the great ways to use a skewer to make an easy and delicious summer meal.

The endless combination of meat + veggies/fruit that you can put in a kebab make it the perfect grill fare. You get a full meal all on one stick! Steak, chorizo, chicken, shrimp, veggies and even fruit will all do well grilled on a skewer and paired with a great sauce.

Here are a few varieties to test out your kebab prowess. Click on each photo to see the recipe…

Cilantro Chicken Skewers with Mango Salsa

Marinated Beef Kebab with Salsa Verde (Use all the herbs from your garden for this green sauce!)

Fruit Skewers with a Honey Mint Syrup

Sausage Kebabs Glazed with Balsamic and Fig Preserves

Mango Shrimp Kebabs

How do you kebab? What the ultimate combination for you and your family? Post on my wall or comment here on the blog to fill me in!

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