Simple Valentine's Gifts for Friends

For me, February 14 is all about thoughtfulness! Whether it’s a handmade card or a well-intentioned note on a Post-It, show your love with a personalized touch. Be good to your friends this Valentine’s Day and wrap up some cookies or candy in these super cute decorated paper cones. You could also present a bouquet of pretty flowers in this adorable homemade gift wrap.

What You’ll Need…
Kraft paper
Double Stick tape
Tacky Glue
Tissue paper
Ric Rac and ribbon
Assorted beads
Thread or embroidery floss
Hole punch
Optional: old or broken jewelry

Get started…
1.  Take a rectangle of Kraft paper and roll into a cone. Use double stick tape to secure the edges.
2.  Cut Ric Rac or ribbon to fit around the cone and attach with tacky glue. Or, glue old brooches or buttons to decorate the cone.
3.  String beads along your thread to make the handle. Tie knots on either end of the string to secure the beads. Make sure to leave extra thread on either side to affix handle to your cone.
4.  Punch a hole on both sides of the cone. Thread the extra string of the handle through the holes and tie a knot to secure.
5. Stuff cone with colorful tissue paper. Wrap your baked goods in a wax bag and stick inside cone. Or, stick the stems of a bouquet in water picks and nestle in the tissue paper.
6.  Give to friends and watch them smile!

For an extra sweet touch, bake a batch of these Sugar and Spice cookies to wrap up and stick inside your pretty cones.

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