A Hybrid of Mother’s Day Gifts

Here at the workshop when we began thinking of Mother’s Day we all began discussing the various ways to produce hand prints, which is a favorite for all mothers to receive and hold onto.

Make a garden from your palms. Spotted on: Fun Handprint Art

Create a family tree using your hand prints.

Use handprint cut-outs and straws to make flowers. Spotted on: Celebrations.

Trace your hand on folded paper to create a card with a surprise heart when it opens.

Handprint painted flowers. Spotted on: The Trendy Treehouse.

Then we started thinking of the joy most mothers feel when presented with a bouquet of spring blossoms and we thought, “How about combining  both classics for a Mother’s Day gift this year!” Here is what we came up with. Happy Mother’s Day!

Swirl paint inside a mason jar and handprint the outside. Spotted on: Christina’s Adventures.

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