Mom's Brown Bag Breakfast

We do not care what kind of a get up and go mother you are, everyone loves to start their special day with a note of gratitude. So why not christen  this Mother’s Day with a perfect note of thank you by preparing a brown bag of goodies with all the love you have for the maternal figure in your life.

To begin get cooking….

Puff pastry lined with bacon and then baked with an egg. Spotted on: Noble Pig.

Next, using fabric paint, print your little one’s feet on a simple hot pad…

Write your child's name or a favorite expression on the pad. Spotted on: Fun Hand Print Art

Lastly, get a brown bag…

Dress it up, then pack it up. Spotted on: Eberhart's Explorers.

Who would not want to start their day with a brown bag filled with breakfast and creative LOVE!

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