Food Covers

Labor day is right around the corner and if your throwing an outside party , there will be food outside. But what about bugs? We have a solution, create a food cover and say goodbye to those crawly creatures.  It’s super simple to create and is a true miracle worker. Follow these few directions and make your party a hassle free and successful one! Get started and keep your food bug free.

A new way to cover up your food!!

Colored burlap
Wooden beads (2 colors)
Get Started
1. Determine the bowl you would like to cover and measure its diameter.
2. Add 8 inches to your bowl’s diameter and cut burlap into a square. For example, if your bowl’s diameter is 12 inches, cut a 20 inch square.
3. Fray the edges of the burlap about 1 ½ inches up from the edges. Repeat on all four sides.
4. Spaced out every inch, thread approximately 5 strands of the burlap through your bead.
5. Knot these strands to secure the bead.
6. Repeat on all four sides.

Hints & Clues
Rule of thumb: If you’re having trouble threading your beads, try using beads with larger holes or use tape to create a point for threading.

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