Homemade Valentine Projects

Do you ever feel like Valentine’s Day is a time where the parents have to flex their creative muscles? The pressure’s on to find a cute homemade valentine that my daughters can recreate 25 times over with inexpensive materials. Yes, we could always go buy the boxed valentines from the grocery store…but there’s something about those homemade ones. It wouldn’t be February 14 without some construction paper and glue!

Here are 5 ideas we’ve collected as inspiration for our valentines this year. Which one should we make?

Use googley eyes and a circle punch to create these cute peek-a-boo valentine that say "I Love You." There's a surprise one-eyed alien on the inside! Photo by: Charlene Weiss

Friendship bracelets with a cute saying for the classmates. Photo by: Danyelle Mathews

Trace your hand and curl the two middle fingers to spell out "I Love You." in sign language..

Great one for boys! Punch two holes in a piece of cardstock to tie on the toy magnifying glass. Photo by: Danyelle Mathews

The SuperHero Lollipop! Follow the link for downloadable printouts with the cape and goggles on it.

Did you grow up making valentines? What will you be crafting this year? Tell us over here on Facebook!

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