Repurposed Cork Decor

It thrills us to no end here at the workshop when we see something re-purposed . Yes we celebrate creativity and originality, but when you combine these admirable characteristics with taking something intended for one thing and then reusing it for something else, well then we can only bow to the talent. We are even more humbled when the  transformation is created from everyday plentiful items. To prove our point take a look at the various ways the common wine cork has been reinvented. I am sure after reviewing you too will be thrilled  and therefore join us in a standing ovation.

A decorative ball. Spotted on: Dr. Vino.

A big bold letter.

Gift wrap. Spotted on: Party Frosting.

A trivet.

A necklace.

A wreath. Spotted on: Save On Crafts.

A coaster.

Vase decor.


Tiny vases.

Animal sculpture.

Lighting. Spotted on: Two Twenty One.

Please share with us what you  have seen or created recently that has transformed something ordinary into something extraordinary?

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