Sand Castle Contest

Summer is coming to an end so run, don’t walk, to your nearest beach. Seriously just do it if you can!!!! As fall is right around the corner take full advantage of the last few weeks of the fun in the sun. For an hour, a long walk or a full day I say find a way to find a shore. Preferably a shore with sand. One of my favorite ways to enjoy it is to dig and build something wondrous in and out of sand. On a recent trip we invited two other families along for the first annual castle building contest.

My Sand Castle Inspiration

Inspired by this creation I had seen in a local gallery I asked everyone to bring a collection of old boxes and I provided the picnic and craft supplies. I know I know you are saying sand and sea is enough….and right you are I just wanted to raise the stakes a bit. And raise the stakes I did …..sadly my family came in last! But boy oh boy did we have fun along the way. So get inspired to dig, carve, pile, and shape the castle of your dreams on the final days along summers shores.

The Bucket Method

The Drip Method. Spotted On: Shorty Pjs

Try Something More Difficult: The Sculpting Method

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